Rohit's Self-description Re: On FoRK's anti-206 stance

Dr. Ernest N. Prabhakar (
Thu, 9 Apr 98 07:58:08 -0700

Hmm, Rohit's rules for success in a non-PC computer world?

> If you've got an ego the size of a Mack truck,

Rohit's ego, check.
> fuck'em all, you can wear flourescent orange and barge right in and =
> no gruff from anyone at all about being who you are ans sticking to =
> opinions.=20

Rohit's tie [yes, I've seen it], check.

> if your're not an
> assertive first author, you won't rise past second;

PEP, check.

> If you're not greedy
> expense-account padding member of the gang, you'll get left behind;

TravelBoy, check.

> and
> if you didn't laugh at their joke, they won't laugh at yours.=20

Hmm, I don't recall you using this one. Then again, I'm not sure what =
it means...

-- Ernie P.