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Thu, 9 Apr 1998 09:37:39 -0700

joebar queried:
> How many Homer Sexuals are there on FoRK?

Well, only two outed individuals that I know of, Josh and Dr. Timothy Byars.
(The latter sure does cover it well, though, doesn't he? :)

I've always suspected that I myself was gay. Or at least happy.
The only problem is, I'm not attracted to men in the slightest.
Then again, I find most women horrifyingly unattractive, too.
In fact, I very much find the whole darned human race pretty ugly.
The color of the sky on my planet is much more full of hue and saturation.

So the breakdown of the 82 FoRKmembers (I just remembered that rumman
and newton unsubbed) AFAIK:
# of msft employees: 8 (9 if you count me,
15 if you count W3C employees, 17 if you count former W3C employees,
18 if you include Dr. Timothy Byars as we suspect he is a spy for them)
# of netscrape employees: 0
# of people currently outside the US: 6 (16 if you count that there
will be 10 of us in Australia next week for WWW7)
# of outed gays: 1
(2 if you include Dr. Timothy Byars as we suspect he is a spy for them)
# of daves: 3
# of women: 4
(5 if you include Dr. Timothy Byars as we suspect he is a spy for them)
# of people who if you knew how important they were you would
think twice before every post you make: 5
(6 if you include Dr. Timothy Byars, for obvious reasons)

Of course, these numbers are likely to keep changing because FoRK keeps
changing. And of course, these numbers are meaningless because they
are, after all, numbers.

Oh, and I want to redo my calculation of Rohit's soul mate based on
Janie's new numbers.
# of Asian Indian Americans: 757,000
# of Asian Indian American women: 380,000
# of Asian Indian American women 18-34 who have attended
higher education in science, business, law, medicine, etc
at a prestigious U.S. university: 5,000
# of those who regularly read The Economist and/or The
New York Times: 500 (we'll assume 10% since these people
are smart enough to get through higher education)
# of those who would pine through 8000 FoRK messages to
understand the true inner Rohit: 15 (that is, 3%)

So 15 isn't so bad, Rohit. And probably half of them are in
San Francisco and/or Boston.

And probably half of them are within 2 degrees of separation of
some member of this list. So I remain hopeful.

Note that if we relax any of the constraints the numbers do shoot
up higher than that guy in Pulp Fiction.


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