Re: An Event Model Bibliography.

Dirk Riehle (
Fri, 10 Apr 1998 17:56:31 +0200

>I try to link to the papers in the bibliography wherever I can.=A0 My goal
>is to do a survey of the different event models we encounter in window
>and operating systems, component and software architecture systems,
>transaction and database systems, and active networking systems.

>I would of course appreciate comments and constructive criticism to
>improve the bibliography.

You might want to add the work on implicit invocation to your bibliography.
That's the label the (academic) software architecture community has given to
this topic. There are lots of papers.

One of the better ones is:

Kevin J. Sullivan and David Notkin. "Reconciling Environment Integration
and Software Evolution." ACM Transactions on Software Engineering
and Methodology 1, 3 (July 1992): 229-268.

Judging from a short glance your PhD proposal, you will also want to take
a look at the Rapide project (Luckham, Stanford).