Re: Creating 'the Last Book' To Hold All the Others

Jeff Bone (
Sun, 12 Apr 1998 05:33:49 -0500

Apologies... the thread title + too much wine (Rosemont Shiraz and some
unpronounceable Chilean red, for the terminally curious) and jetlag and
sex == the rec.arts.poems gene expressing itself. Feel free to delete,
skip, whatever...

last books, words winding down, narrative passe
like sound-bite politics and mtv attention spans
literary adaptation, here, now, and what can we do
those of us who hear the hearts of ice singing and the lyrics of 4am
the breath of words caught and constrained
time and only friends we'd dine and we're blind
but maybe not this time no stories any more only words
only transient digital ink don't you think that's perfectly fine
we've all been trained to read this strange way
and if we can't click a link away
well will that be okay and i don't know
turn the page thumb the link don't follow the thread
literature's dead oh yes, and it's dead dead dead
visual literature is the thing yes and that's the only thing
in all this world of bytes and streams and constrained dreams
it's only visual literature that matters
and digital ink on our eyelids
open your eyes open your eyes maybe that's the right thing
kill the paper trash kill the sequential it's inconsequential
our plenum is parallel it's hell and it's swell
oh well