Re: Damn (was: Re: I love you too, Danny...)

David Crook (
Thu, 16 Apr 1998 22:35:58 -0700

Lloyd Wood wrote:
> Anyway, Danny has this regrettable tendency to lose his passport. No
> fear of a visit from the boys.... hang on, I'm getting an idea. You
> could do a newsletter in the US...
> A mass-readership US version of NTKnow! Where the online market really
> _is_! We'd just need to change a few things, though. Lose that
> confusing highbrow intellectual stuff and drop the 'sarcastic'!
> Insert lots of Seinfeld references! Review upcoming Discovery Channel
> programs and give a sports roundup! With lots of Formula 1 and
> wrestling right at the end so they'd read through everything else
> first! And little popup explanations of technical terms! You know,
> give it something of a _local_ flavour.

Wow, more British cultural elitism from Lloyd, I wasn't expecting that.
You know, you're a bit stuck up for being from the same country that
produced the spice girls.

Dave "Utterly unrepentant Californian" Crook