Re: Blessed be, my child, y may rejoin the flock of the elect

CobraBoy (
Fri, 17 Apr 1998 20:49:06 -0700

At 6:52 PM -0700 4/17/98, Rohit Khare came up with the following:

> Rohit,
> I'm suffering from FoRK withdrawal symptoms! I miss the lively banter
> from you, Tim, et. al. My intro: I used to work for Microsoft, where I
> was basically a pariah. I was foolish enough to try to carry the
> cross-platform, open-standards, 100% Pure Java torch. I currently serve
> as a JavaBeans developer for Applications Methods, where I'm valiantly
> searching for CORBA the Greek

Ok, who in the fuck is this Et Al guy?

And what type of name is that? Arab? Portugese?

Oh god not another Canadian...



Lets put the *fun* back in dysfunctional...

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