Re: Mistaken Identity WAS: Blessed be, my child, y may rejoin the

Ron Resnick (
Sat, 18 Apr 1998 16:44:47 -0400

CobraBoy wrote:
> But what about Resnick and his shipments from South America?
> Tim

Why, thanks for asking Tim.

Keren, born Feb. 9th in Brazil, is now happily at home
here in Israel along with Mom, Dad (me) and her 2 brothers.
She survived her shipping process from South America to the
Middle East, via Switzerland (yes, it was indeed El Al
Zurich-Tel Aviv) at the tender age of 5 weeks.
She's a round little chubby one, eats voraciously, and is
settling into a very reasonable night time routine of
sleeping 10PM-5AM, all one could ask of a 2 month old.

No further such South American shipments are planned,
or so Riva informs me.


PS - I don't personally care much for flying El Al
(not Et Al, but Joe knew that of course). They're
quite concerned about security, for obvious reasons,
and put you & your bags through the third degree on all
flights. Safe, but a bit tedious. I prefer carriers
like Air Canada which check your bags in SFO directly
to TLV, via YYZ, and never even bother asking you if you
packed them yourself. Any Hizbullah types wanna blow
up an Israel-bound plane would do well to stay away
from El Al and go for soft targets like the convenient,
but dangerous, planes I prefer to fly :-).