Classic Rifkin/Resnick movie

Jay Thomas (
Mon, 20 Apr 1998 08:41:00 -0400

Imagine my delight and surprise when I sat down with a friend last night
to watch one of the cheesiest teen-age slasher/show-yer-boobies flicks
I've ever seen, to find that, not only was it written & directed by Adam
Rifkin (under the pseudo Rif Coogan), but also edited by..... Ron
Resnick. I nominate this as the official FoRK movie :)
BTW: For you porn fans, one of the five slashed bimbos is Savannah,
credited under her real name, Shannon Wilsey,+The+(1990)
Invisible Maniac, The (1990)

A budding young scientist lad is caught by his mom checking out the lady
across the way with his telescope, whereupon she lectures him on the
evils of women. Twenty years later and all grown up, the scientist
announces his theories of invisibility, and his colleagues laugh, to
which he responds by killing four of them. He escapes from the loony bin
and gets a job teaching summer school physics at a high school. The
students decide to tease him about the same time as he perfects his
invisible juice, and he goes on a spree of vengeance.