RE: Defcon Bill

Joe Barrera (
Wed, 22 Apr 1998 11:10:35 -0700

Wow, you're even claiming that X is robust. Doesn't that completely wipe out
your credibility? When did you move from X10 to X11? On what platform? My
experiences with early releases of X11 were just dismal.

On the other hand, my experience with NT has been very good. I'm actually
running beta 2 of the Windows Terminal Server flavor of NT, but it still
just keeps running.

In my experience, the primary cause of BSOD is bad memory, followed by buggy
OEM-supplied device drivers. E.g. our dial-in RAS server was up for 337
days, until 3 days ago when it got a NMI memory parity error BSOD.
Unfortunately, most PCs don't have memory parity. As one researcher here
noted, PC manufacturers have negative incentive to use parity. If they use
parity, then their customers know when they have a hardware problem. If they
don't, then memory problems just look like a miscellany of software

- Joe

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