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David SUGG, <>

This is a great job in a department that is totally mac-centric. I've
installed nice equipment (a mix of G3's and PMacs, scanners, printers, a
vinyl sign cutter, etc...) with a good network and there are great people
working there. It's a bit different, but it's a great place to work!

David Sugg
UC Irvine Special Event Parking

- ----------------------------------------
May close on or before filing deadline.

DUTIES: Under supervision of Departmental Manager, incumbent is
responsible for maintaining operations of Macintosh computers for Special
Event Parking. Responsible for Macintosh OS installation, configuration,
and troubleshooting on portable, desktop, and video production
machines/software. Responsibilities also include Apple printer
maintenance, programming, system documentation, purchasing assessment,
training, and system security. Maintain internal email and web servers
db. Responsible for all aspect of Special Event parking field operation.
Operations include event parking service, traffic direction, safety
escort service, parking lot patrols, event support services, valet and
shuttle services, disabled transportation, and campus information kiosks.
Supervises and evaluate approximately 55 part-time casual parking

REQUIREMENTS: Expert level of knowledge and experience with the
following: Macintosh OS 7.x and 8.x, 680x0-based. Expert level with
Microsoft Excel and Claris Filemaker Pro. Ability to set-up and maintain
office computer network including skill to upgrade software; analyze and
repair problems with software, Ethernet, and AppleTalk; and troubleshoot
and repair hardware problems including Apple laser printers, Apple DOS
card and other thirty-party DOS card, Microsoft Office suite
applications, Eudora, Netscape, Microsoft Internet Explorer,
Software-based DOS emulators; experience in AppleTalk and Ethernet LAN
configuration; experience in writing user manuals and system
documentation; excellent interpersonal skills; effective oral and written
communication skills; ability to provide training and instructions

DESIRABLE: Familiarity with winstar and hand held radios, Windows 95 and
Windows NT client. Demonstrated supervisory skills in directing and
managing groups of staff including delegating work, supervising and
providing a work environment conducive to the motivation of subordinates,
recruiting, hiring, training, performance evaluation and administering
necessary disciplinary actions. Ability to analyze and resolve complex
traffic,event and parking problems and make recommendations to Manager.

APPLICATION: This is not the official/legal job announcement. You will be
able to find the official announcement at:


Please Contact:
Stacey L. Murren
UCI Special Event Parking



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