No Java in IE5?

Ron Resnick (
Wed, 22 Apr 1998 17:40:28 -0400

>No Java in IE5's Base-Level Download?
>by Chris Oakes
>3:15pm 20.Apr.98.PDT
>At an internal Microsoft developers conference last
>week, a company official reportedly said that the
>minimum installation of the next Internet Explorer
>release would not include a Java Virtual Machine.
> If Microsoft follows through with the move, it could
> result in a vastly reduced number of browsers on
> the Internet that support Sun Microsystems' prized
> programming language, since many users never
> bother to install software beyond what comes
> pre-packaged.

blah blah blah MS blah blah blah Java blah blah blah Sun.

blah blah Ron.