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Thu, 23 Apr 1998 11:14:52 -0700

You know, Mom, they may play "You Light Up My Life" at your twenty-fifth
anniversary party, but the "green light" isn't yours anymore...


PS. good news about Pitaji's alumni award from BHU.

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By the way, Rohit loved Australia, especially the east cost. SO, chances
are very high that we will make a visit soon. Rohit had a workshop to
give with Adam and a paper. So, he was either busy partying (as usual)
or working on his presentations. He said he had total 4-6 hr sleep
during his visit. He was very busy there. That is why he discouraged me
to accompany him. Next week he is going to Santa Fe, Mexico to give a
talk. He is extremely busy with school and talks!! I have now given
him a green light to find a girl for him. Rohit has lost 50Lbs or so!!
he really looks good now.


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> dear Meena
> how are you. Iam writting to you for the first time . Rohit was here
> but
> probably he was too busy and had no time to call back. we left massege
> twice.He did not call even before leaving .hope he liked the
> place.