RE: CobraBoy's 4th annual Cinco De Mayo Party

Joe Barrera (
Thu, 23 Apr 1998 14:03:10 -0700

> (And, once we're on the subject of provoking and flaming,
> am I the only one who can't understand what the hell
> Steve Nordquist is talking about? Honestly, I try,
> but Steve seems to write in a language that vaguely
> resembles English, but which I am decidely unfamiliar with.
> What's with that Steve?)

It's pretty simple. We've had ADDs and bipolars on this list for quite a
while, and now we have our own schizophrenic. On the legendary CMU Opinion
bboard, we had James P. Salsman <> providing us with a continuous stream
of schizophrenic thought that almost sounded coherent. Unmedicated
schizophrenics are great fun as long as they don't eat up too much
bandwidth. As a bipolar, I've chosen the medicated lifestyle, but hey, to
each his own.

(BTW, I write this with more respect than you probably think...)

- Joe

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