NeXT Hardware.

CobraBoy (
Thu, 23 Apr 1998 20:56:52 -0700

It's pretty amazing how much this stuff is still going for. A nice Turbo
Color is still getting around $900. A Turbo Dimension is going for $1.4K or
so. Pretty amazing when I can get a new G3 desktop for $1.5K or mini tower
for $1.9

Speaking of pricing I was talking to someone who would know and they told
me that Intel had told them that the "new" price point for a "decent"
system this Christmas is going to be $800. That is a price that will bring
in an estimated 40% of the people that don't have computers over the next
few years. A decent system was described to me as a 266 - 333 mhz box, 32/4
gig, CD/Speakers etc. Just ready for Quake III or MSIE 5.


Nobody really cared if Apple tanked it,
but now if Apple tanks it, it also tanks NeXT,
and we're going to do everything in our power
to make sure that doesn't happen. ... anonymous NeXT employee

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