RE: [Fwd: Honorary Degrees] Unique Spam

Josh Cohen (
Fri, 24 Apr 1998 09:20:39 -0700

I've been meaning to hang mine up, since I just finally got it
after years and years of pain. (89-96).
However, lazyness is a constant I cant avoid, so, I haven't
Can I get partial credit ?

I think that spam is funny, actually. Im tempted to order
one with a degree in something like "basket weaving" or
"sexual engineering" just to mock my piece of paper,
er excuse me, degree that I paid zillions of dollars for.

Of course, no offense to our colleagues in academia..

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> This raises an interesting question -- does anyone know of
> any C.S. Ph.D.s
> who have their degrees on display in their office? Well, okay, I just
> checked out the walls around here and one of our lab members
> (Jim Gemmell,
> who is my age) does.
> - Joe
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