Re: Adam goes wild !Request for Info...Diva? Anyone? Beuller?

Jay Thomas (
Fri, 24 Apr 1998 13:14:59 -0400

Robert Harley wrote:
> Jay Thomas wrote:
> >Circa 1986-8 I read a book, pure pulp, but with a
> >fascinating premise. [...] Any help would be appreciated.
> Timescape?

Not sure. Amazon says it was published in 1990, which I think is later
than when I originally read it. Everywhere I search for that title, I
can't find a plot synopsis. But thanks for the clue, it gives me a
starting point. While searching Amazon, I found a fascinating title,
which I think I'll have to pick up:

Confessions of an Eco-Redneck : Or How I Learned to Gut-Shoot Trout &
Save the
Wilderness at the Same Time ~ Ships in 2-3
Steve Chapple / Hardcover / Published
Our Price: $17.47 ~ You Save: $7.48 (30%)

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