Re: Weird permutations of Movie Logic (was Re: Adam...)

Jay Thomas (
Fri, 24 Apr 1998 13:39:21 -0400

Jeff Bone wrote:
> I saw a sneak of 2GG on Monday as well, and I just didn't get the
> point. I also saw "The Object of Affection" over the weekend, and see
> some odd similarities. In particular, both movies attempt to defy
> conventional American movie logic, and IMO fail to do so in a
> satisfactory way. Now, I usually love anything that goes against the
> norm, but in neither of these movies does the attempt to defy standard
> plot conventions work...
> Is this a trend? If so, I hope other scriptwriters who attempt this
> come up with better and more satisfactory ways to break our conceptual
> molds...

I also saw Object of My Affection, as a free preview. Walked out
saying "blah". Didn't like it, didn't hate it, not a waste of time,
but glad I didn't pay to see it. The straight couples didn't care, the
gays didn't seem to like it (the ones I spoke to...the authors friends
were there with him, and raved!), the only people in our group who
seemed to like it were the single girls. They thought it was
romantic. I thought it was pointless. I got the feeling Hollywood
went out of it's way to not offend *anyone* and came up with an
implausible, sappy, unsatisfying ending.
SPOLIER ALERT!! If you haven't seen it & want to , don't read further!

J.Anistons character doesn't wind up with the gay roomie, or with the
boyfriend/father of her baby, but with the black cop who gave her a
ride home when she was desperate and vulnerable (and is given no
development, we know nothing about him). They stick him in almost as
an afterthought, so she winds up with someone nice. Everyone approves
of everyones relationship, everyone stays friends, birds are singing,
sun is shining, the end. *I* could've written a better ending.

I hope it's not a trend! I have to see a good movie eventually.

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