Re: Request for Info ... Diva? Anyone? Beuller

Jay Thomas (
Wed, 01 Apr 1998 16:18:37 -0500

Robert Harley wrote:

> The one you mentioned has people's ancestors' memories encoded in RNA
> which they are able-to-relive/sort-of-travel-back-in-time, right? I
> thought it was pretty cheesy with a guy going back to be a seamstress
> in ancient Egypt and getting laid and stuff like that. My Dad read it
> too and thinks the title was "something like Timeliners". He didn't
> think it was cheesy BTW.

Yeah, thats more like it (although I seem to remember him being a her,
getting laid in France, but same idea) and yes, it was a bit cheesey,
I recall :)

> Sorry I can't help more.
> Rob.

Thanks for all the help so far :)

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