Re: Advancements in Technology and the Impact on Higher Education

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Sat, 25 Apr 1998 23:17:53 -0800

At 5:43 PM -0800 4/25/98, Gregory Alan Bolcer came up with the following:

> My prediction? Education changes from an instructional model
> where a series of activites are designed to impart knowledge, dependent
> upon information previously learned, incrementally build up to the
> understanding of complex concepts which students are tested on
> at regular intervals, to a much finer-grained skills explorational
> model where there are many paths to a skills set, the ordering of
> learning is less constrained, and if an exploratory path is beyond
> understanding, the student will backtrack to more solid ground. The
> learning goals may also be unknown. Education becomes less formal,
> focus is on advanced concepts as early as possible, areas become more
> specialized, college and advanced degrees become less a
> breadth/broad-based skills set and start embracing actual skills
> that have value and worth in the marketplace.

So you're saying we must all begin to Think Different?

> Just my thoughts. Certainly I am sick of hearing about
> interactive holographic conversations with Einstein and Lenin.

Doesn't one of them use a Mac?



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