RE: More on events. Also: the munchkins are coming!

Lisa Dusseault (
Wed, 29 Apr 1998 15:55:19 -0700

Roy said:
>I think it would be possible to create a generic event interface,
>such that events can be registered, filtered, and received through
>a single API. I'd do it with a typed link abstraction using URIs for
>the type, filter, and notification method/recipient, and then a media
>type for the notification message syntax (I'm still an XML heretic).
>That would allow the messaging paradigm to be selected by the registrant
>according to the expected latency of each action and the context in which
>it is made.

Wow. Sounds like an API that could be built on RVP. With the addition
that RVP does use XML for the more complex stuff, such as ACLs and
detailed kinds of notifications on an object. MIME is used to specify
notification message format. I'm co-author on this RVP stuff:

Not that I'm necessarily saying that RVP is a generic notifications
tool. While we did try to keep it generic, we also had a very specific
application in mind: people subscribing to people status.