Re: Why Rohit hates being 23.

Jay Thomas (
Thu, 30 Apr 1998 09:20:32 -0400

I Find Karma wrote:
> Much as I love Charles van Doren's book "History of Knowledge"
> , I've never read it straight through. I just pick a page and read a
> little whenever I have a little time.

I've got to second that. What a great book, I hate putting it down,
and yet, I only have opportunity to read it on the T ride to work and
home every day. On p.120 (Thomas Aquinas) now. I'll finish someday, if
I get a job with a longer commute.

> I learned from the book today that Isaac Newton before he was 23
> invented four fundamental things:
> 1. Proof of binomial theory
> 2. Calculus
> 3. Mechanics
> 4. Optics

As someone who is turning 30 this Sunday, who hasn't discovered
anything more useful than the depth of my bellybutton, just let me
say, "Thanks Adam". You've really made my day :)

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