[VOID] At my cowgirl's place

Rohit Khare (rohit@godzilla.ICS.uci.edu)
Thu, 30 Apr 1998 13:09:37 -0700

[11:24 PM]
The struggle for IP tone, like the search for El Dorado itself, is enough
to drive any man to drink. In this case, a pint Santa Fe Nut Brown at the
Cowgirl Cafe. Typing by candlelight in a smoky honky-tonk bar, brightened
by flickering beer company neon, darkened by the spirits of the sullen
cowboys at the end of the bar. In between, along the rank of
saddles-as-barstools, are the chattering classes, the barmaid getting a
backrub, and the divorcee's club. There's a fireplace adorned with a silent
army of unmatched cowboy boots cradling dried roses, roaring even on this
temperate eve and guarded by a lone ranger in a ten-gallon hat. Behind me,
the Simon Widdowstone duo on electric and folk.

You have: a Hard Rock Hotel Las Vegas sweatshirt and black denim jeans. You
do not have: a hat.

Feel like a game of Adventure, pardner?

Actually, no: I came here to write, and it's a good choice. Reasonably
loud, lightly packed, 2AM closing time, sparky waitresses, and no other
temptation in sight... unlike, say, the Drama Club, the
pool-hall/dance-hall right behind our hotel (the El Dorado, 505 988 4455,
pretentious but not recommended) -- that will definitely be the launching
pad for tomorrow night's carousal with Joe Kiniry.

{I was going to fulminate about the insanity of my travails getting IP tone
today: the deactivated WorldNet account, $1 surcharges for 800 calls in the
hotel, $1 surcharges for prepaid card calls, the lack of dataports, the
race conditions with the 38-digit dialing plan and the modem autodetect,
the crosstalk-plagued lines, the congested ABQ pop number... but the
brooding vocals and the ale are doing their job well... which is why I
won't even begin to get into the quagmire of my travel arrangements for two
SF trips next week}

But what to write? To say nothing of all the backlogged obloquy on the
decks (patent review, three incomplete classes, workshop reports,
internet-drafts, blah di blah), I have yet to finish a column for IEEE
Internet Computing on Telnet (there are almost a *hundred* RFCs on the
topic! That's just over 3% of all RFCs ever published...) and two position
papers for the 'future-of-HTML' conference.

(of course, Dave published the agenda already -- the cynic in me should
only write the latter if I'm speaking :-)

Fashion tip: heatsinks as knuckle rings. I just went over to the next table
to ask for a closer look at this vamp chick's ring, which looked for all
the world like a triple-finned inch-long circular base heatsink, inset with
a polished black stone.

I have got to get a geeky firebreathing device. And soon. Sooner, perhaps,
than a digital camera.


Moral: if you're gonna do anything funny in a cowbar (or the Crow Bar, a
biker bar on K in DC), make sure it's so funny no one looks at ya funny.
Wear a Don Johnson outfit, get beat up; whip out a laptop and pretend to
work, and much like the Japanese, it will be seen as such a blatant breach
of etiquette it will be denied entirely. Remember, wrapping a towel around
your head works because if you can't see them, they can't see you. Right?


"Care to take the Cowgirl home? Heck! You can have a delivery!
Just call the Gourmet Express, 992-3200"


Did this song move anyone else? Or is country music not an approved FoRK
Bad Habit (TM)?

Strawberry wine
The hot July moon;
I saw everything.

The first taste of love -
Oh, bittersweet
- Mindy McCready


The Cowgirl Hall of Fame Bar-B-Q

319 S Guadalupe
Santa Fe, NM 87501
(505) 982 2565

519 Hudson St.
New York, NY 10014
(212) 633-1133

(guess which one's older. Hint: you're wrong :-)s