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Mark Kuharich (
Fri, 01 May 1998 12:47:32 -0700

from CobraBoy:
"CNN is currently running a poll to gauge user opinion on whether
is in violation of anti-trust laws. Here's the url:"

[Are online surveys important? I really don't know. I'll ask FoRKers
to decide
Mark Kuharich
JavaBeans developer, Application Methods
Online surveys are: a) useless b)useless
March 20, 1998
Mercury News Technology Columnist

PLEASE respond to the following survey question.

Online polls are:
a) Meaningless.
b) Spinach.
c) Hello.
d) Quarks.
e) Perhaps.

It makes no difference to me, or to the usefulness of the result, which
answer you picked, even though ``meaningless'' was closest to the
correct response. Online polls, like call-in votes run by some radio
stations and news organizations (including this one from time to time),
are pretty much bogus.

I bring this up because of a survey being conducted this week, with
great fanfare, on the MSNBC Web site. It purports to measure attitudes
on cybersex
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