On the air...

Mike Masnick (mdm8@cornell.edu)
Sat, 02 May 1998 19:36:17 -0400

Okay, if Adam is going to talk about music and have me recommend ska stuff,
I might as well let you all know that my ska radio show is is available
through real audio. Tonight may be one of the last times I'm on the air,
though, as I should be leaving this part of town soon. Anyway, the show's
on 9pm to midnight (EST) Saturday nights, so 6 to 9 for you Californians
and everyone else can figure it out for themselves.

Just head over to http://www.wvbr.com/ and click on the "listen live" link.
For some reason, when I went direct it went all haywire, but feel free to
try that method too: http://ww1.wvbr.com/web/wvbr/wvbr.ram

So, that's it. It's on tonight. I'm heading there now. Let me know if
you happen to listen in. You can call the station at (607)273-2121 while
we're on the air and just ask to speak with me. It would be cool to get a
request from well outside of the Ithaca, NY area...