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At 10:12 AM -0700 5/3/98, Joe Barrera came up with the following:

> Hi Summer,
> I found your web page
> <>
> and I thought you could
> help us out. We have a little mailing list here of friends, and one of the
> members actually likes Fords. Actually, it's worse than that. He owns a
> Cobra. In fact, his email alias is "CobraBoy" (see the cc line). Isn't that
> kind of pathetic? At any rate, I thought maybe you could try sending him
> some email explaining exactly why Fords SUCK so bad, and why Toyotas rule.


I hate Toyota's because I had one and it was the *worst* vehicle that I
have ever owned. It was an 86 Toyota SR-5 E-Xtra Cab 4x4. It was just a
horrible experience.

> Your web pages speak for themselves, of course, but Tim (that's his real
> name) has had this Ford problem for years and I think he needs all the help
> he can get. Coincidentally, he also lives in the Irvine area, so if
> threatening phone messages are required, they'll probably be local calls.

Again Summer please for forgive my friend Joe. Joe works at Microsoft so he
cant be expected to get things right. I live in Huntington Beach. Which is
a world removed from Irvine. However as many Microsofties are going to be
quick to point out, it *is* in the same county so technically Joe (hence
Microsoft) is correct.

> Thanks so much for any help you can provide,
> - Joe
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Talk to the hand.



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