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Sun, 3 May 1998 15:37:54 -0700

Summer Smith around 2:57 PM -0700 on 5/3/98, dropped this flavorful bit:

> Dear Tim,
> O.k. I know whatever i say to you will not convince you but I'll give it a
> try at least.
> O.k. first of all, you said you drove a peice of shit Toyota?? That really
> makes me sad to hear that it had problems. =( I guess you just got a
> "lemon". Really though, Toyotas may not be American but they are really
> good trucks. There light bodied adn narrow so they can 4x4 WAY better then
> Fords, Chevy's, and Dodges. Jeeps are the same. (NOTE: I only like 4x4's.
> I believe cars are worthless) Anyways tell me bout the problems that you
> did have with it?

Ok, you asked for it. I bought it in 87, it was a slightly "used" 86. I
can't remember the mileage but I think it was less than 10K. I outfitted it
with Rancho Quads and Kickers in the back. An Innovation Industries Shell,
carpet kit, real Centerlines, BFG TA's, Cepek Flairs, and a few other
things that I'm sure I'm forgetting.

Now that you know what it was this is what it did.

New Brakes every 10K miles
New radiator at 31K that Toyota wouldn't warrenty
The clutch exploded at 49K
The Drive shaft fell out
It consistently needed Headlights, and bulbs replaced. Probably 2 - 3
headlights a year. To many blub replacements to count. The cassette deck
quit working.

Lucky for me it was stolen on my birthday 1991. Greatest birthday present I
could have had.

It was replaced by a 87 Ford Escort GT. My girlfriend and I shared that
car. It had 185K miles on it when I got rid of it (in 84 for the Cobra) It
needed one set of brakes, two sets of tires, and still had the original
clutch. The only "problem" that it had was the fuel pump had to be replaced
at around 140K miles.

I have had a couple of small problems with the Cobra. I have broken two
rear anti-sway bars. This is most puzzling because the endurance racers use
the stock sway bars. We are at a loss (other than my driving habits) to
explain what is going on. I just replaced the Goodyear Eagle SR-C tires at
46K and brakes at 50K. I had to have th fuel pump replaced underwarrenty as
I cooked it going to Las Vegas in the middle of summer. It and my stay at
the hotel were picked up by Ford. I had a very very obscure problem with
the air conditioning that was more the fault of the shitty dealer not
taking the time to isolate what was going on. I took it to another dealer
and it was fixed out of warrenty for free.

>My first truck was an 85' 4x4. a I'm on my second Toyota.
> I drove it for 2 years and had OVER 202,000 miles on it, and guess what?
> The whole time I owned it, it never broke down, overheated, didn't start, or
> anything. The only thing that did happen was it got broke into several
> times. I sold it cause I wanted a newer one. (89-up for new body style)
> Now I drive an 89 and love it! Its got a 4' lift and 33' tires and goes
> bout 100mph. Anouther thing, I think guys who fix up cars to make them go
> faster are really stupid. (sorry) I know you drive a Cobra...which I dont
> know what those are but the sound of it shows its probable an old race car
> or something. Anyways, I hate fords for the fact that I cant go a mile down
> the freeway without seeing at least one Ford. I am truly being honest. My
> boyfriend had a Ranger that broke down everyday adn I had to tow it several
> times with my truck. It couldn' 4x4 either because the transfer case adn
> transmission blew up. And thats not all. Not only did he have problems
> with the engine stuff the interior fell apart. There wasn't anything inside
> that truck that wsn't broken. And get this. He loves the worthless peice
> of shit. Again most Ford owners dont wanna hear what people with other
> makes have to say.

I can only speak for myself.

> If you can say that your Ford has NEVER broke down or had any problems at
> all, then please ignore this e-mail and my opionion because your a lucky man
> =) Now if its not true, please Tim, go shopping for anouther car. You'll
> save so much money just in repairs.
> Ok...well I gotta get studying.....please take my advice. You wont be
> sorry.

> summer

> p.s. I live in Irvine

Cool What are you doing for Cinco De Mayo? I'm having a party at a
resturant! Wanna come? Bring some friends also!!! It's going to rock.

Thanks for getting back to me. Glad your as happy with your Toyota as I am
with the Cobra.



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