Re: Wall Street laptops span high, low ends

Steve Nordquist (
Sun, 03 May 1998 22:19:57 -0500

El-al-Wood wrote:

> On Sun, 3 May 1998, CobraBoy wrote:
> .....

> > Like Apple's desktop Power Mac G3 line, the logic board will be
> > the cornerstone of a range of models that stretch from the entry


> One logic board. Six configs with various screen and cache sizes.
> Hmmm. One logic board. Multiple sizes.

How do you think they got to .2um, lithography? Not a chance;
saved on BBQ and the sponsorship associated with the cheese
at the Chili cookoffs for charity all went into developing spongiform
The boules are actually coaxed out of the furnace by comely seed
on a stylized 'pleasure cruise' quartz boat. Think different.

The less expensive models simply have uncompressed litho. Chip
design is easier because you can be lax about spin. In addition, the
cheap boards are simply installed in the case whereas the premium
ones go to several tailors before being 'closeted.'

> Is it me, or have Apple missed an obvious marketing ploy? Pay less
> money, and your new laptop comes in a _bigger_ plastic case?

Hence, the truck-bed sized educational model. Rohit can gosailboating
he wants.... Too bad that surfboard-sized
computer from 4 yrs. back wasn't seaworthy.
...Adam, are you pulling 540 Air moves yet
on the N64 or is the control system bogus?

> This actually makes sense in some contexts:

and that's where my trouble began...

> - larger case makes the smaller screen size look even smaller thanks
> to the larger surround area. Still, it's more room for post-it
> notes and pictures of the family!

Makeup, RAM, razors, munchkins and other retail smalls converging.

> - a larger case means more room for sensible, cheaper, desktop
> connectors. (Apple's proprietary HDI ports are particularly badly
> engineered.) This removes the need to include special cables as
> well.

VME/4U to the lap. Yessss. Now TV stations can have their
(cyclotron, etc.) in the broadcast directors' mac.

> - cheaper laptops have cheaper batteries with less energy capacity, so
> with a bigger case you could get useable lifetime up to the more
> expensive models by filling the extra battery slots

The DOE pure materials recycling program lives! When your battery runs
just go to the DOE center, put the battery in the cow, wait
for the neutron spectrograph, and you're ready to go again!

> Of course, since the model is cheaper, the end result
> is heavier for the same lifetime. But probably more reliable, too.

Under 22kg, please.

> (of course, we'd all have good battery lives if colour screens

The printers for the cheap models should use letraset and have
volatile ink carriers, roger that....

> .....
> - your status as a computing power user becomes obvious. There's none
> of that 'but my CD-ROM drive is 20x' hooey from discussing laptops
> with the guy next to you on the plane. You merely note each others'
> laptop sizes ('His is only an inch thick!') and leave it at that.
> L.
> marketing genius.

I bought the cheap micropayment computer, so this will take a while to