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From: Sally Khudairi (info@zotgroup.com)
Date: Mon Apr 10 2000 - 07:07:24 PDT

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     Sally Khudairi
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     Information Architects


Industry's first commercial conversion product

CHARLOTTE, NC -- 10 April 2000 -- Information Architects (iA; NASDAQ: IARC),
providers of XML-based dynamic content aggregation and syndication
solutions, today announced the successful launch of its Beta program for
version 1.0 of the Metaphoria PDF Converter, kicking off the next phase in
its work with partners and beta testers to develop the industry's first
commercial-scale transformation solutions designed to apply the power of XML
to PDF documents. This significant offering enables companies to access,
manipulate and transform PDF documents in whole or in part for a variety of
applications online.

PDF, the Portable Document Format, is the de facto standard for electronic
document distribution worldwide. By converting PDF documents to XML,
customers can build and manage scalable, end-to-end content and publishing
solutions more quickly, simply and cost-effectively.

"Our new Converter is defining the next generation of data transformation
applications," said Bob Gruder, CEO of iA. "Customer requirements have
driven significant innovations in our conversion functionality to support
more data formats and offer increased flexibility. These innovations empower
the Metaphoria Converter to become the leader that benefits a variety of
markets, including eCommerce, content syndication, mobile computing,
publishing, knowledge management and catalog aggregation."

Offering scalable, bi-directional dynamic exchange of both structured and
unstructured data, content and commerce functionality in any format, iA's
Metaphoria Converter automatically transform static and dynamic documents to
HTML and XHTML, as well as advanced data formats including XML and RDF. The
Metaphoria Converter provides unparalleled fidelity to original documents,
with backward compatibility to earlier versions of originating file formats.

Information Architects will continue to solicit tester and partner feedback
on this new transformation functionality, and has committed to delivering
the commercial version of Metaphoria Converter later this year.

About Information Architects (iA)

Information Architects (NASDAQ: IARC) delivers information management
solutions that empower eBusinesses to securely distribute content and
functionality across the Web. iA's dynamic syndication solutions enable the
seamless development and management of global content and functionality
syndication from one source to any Web site or device connected to the Net.
This dynamic syndication can help companies improve data exchange and
collaboration among co-workers, customers, suppliers and partners. iA's core
offering, the Metaphoria Framework, is an open, patented, XML-based product
suite that offers customized delivery of any digital information on the Web.
Its dynamic aggregation and syndication technology enable users to access
content and commerce application from any source -- even multiple sources --
enhancing the overall user experience, promoting site stickiness and
loyalty, and augmenting eCommerce-generated initiatives.

Further information about iA is available at http://www.ia.com.

Metaphoria is a registered trademark of Information Architects Corporation.


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