Re: Netscape6 integrates RSS, IM, new DOM

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From: Karl Anderson (
Date: Wed Apr 12 2000 - 15:25:51 PDT

Tom Whore <> writes:

> For those whose religion require the use of NS 6, I can only hope things
> get worked out.
> Meanwhile, Go Go Gadget Opera. With a promise that delivers opera is
> begining to gain some useres here in my office.
> Based on use and usability I will put my money on oprea over NS.

You aren't quite comparing apples & oranges, but the hope is that soon
you will be. Opera is a browser. Mozilla wants to be a ubiquituous
application platform.

Of interest to me is Zope's intention to use Mozilla as its developer
studio. <>.

I hope that soon the browser will be just a component of this app
platform. Every browser today is a too fully featured. It should
talk to the cache, proxy, filter, cookie manager, identity manager,
history & bookmarks manager, etc, not contain them. The rendering
engine itself should be further componentized. There should be no use
for a separate text & graphical browser, there should just be
different rendering/page navigation frontends on a tiny skeleton of a
browser that can be swallowed by the platform at will.

Karl Anderson 

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