Re: Netscape6 integrates RSS, IM, new DOM

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From: Karl Anderson (
Date: Wed Apr 12 2000 - 18:19:20 PDT

Tom Whore <> writes:

> On 12 Apr 2000, Karl Anderson wrote:
> --]You aren't quite comparing apples & oranges, but the hope is that soon
> --]you will be. Opera is a browser. Mozilla wants to be a ubiquituous
> --]application platform.
> You mean intergrating the browser into other apps and possibly a kernel??

no, the other way around. Integrating the apps into the
shell/platform/UIdock thingy. Not quite a virtual machine, not quite
an API, not quite an ORB. More insulation between the OS and the
apps, a (hopefully) safe mediator, and also, I hope, using the OS to
talk to distributed services to perform OSy tasks (like file storage)
that we don't want the OS to handle directly for whatever reason.

Not that I'm going to throw away all of my OS cynicism, but I do like
the idea.

> I thought we just outlawed that.

So host your CVS server/holding company in Fredonia. Excuse me, I
have to go amuse my cat with a laser pointer.

Karl Anderson 

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