MP3 player that loads files into RAM

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From: Dan Kohn (
Date: Thu Apr 13 2000 - 16:41:32 PDT

I travel all the time and, when the airplane seat has a power jack
(supporting the absurdly overpriced cables from, I like
to listen to plug in my Sony noise-canceling headphones
eadphones/mdr-nc10_specs.shtml> and listen to my MP3s.

The issue is that if there is no power jack, the constant HD access runs
through my laptop battery ridiculously fast. Given that I have 128 MB of
RAM, it seems like the player should be able to load the full song into RAM
and then not spin up the HD again until it needs to load the next song. I'm
currently running Winamp 2.61 on W2K.

Any advice on workarounds or alternate players would be greatly appreciated.
I considered bringing along a RIO, but like having access to my full MP3

                - dan

Daniel Kohn <>
tel:+1-425-602-6222  fax:+1-425-602-6223 

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