Re: Microsoft gets into the Diva business

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From: Janie Wilkins (
Date: Thu Apr 13 2000 - 17:36:17 PDT

Thanks for the condolences John. Yes, it seems as if everybody is
jumping on the Diva bandwagon these days! It is
hard for an information diva such as myself to maintain a sense of
identity and overblown self-importance when imitators
and interlopers abound ;-) Although, it must be pointed out, that
Microsoft's diva specializes only in matter digital while
I am a true Information Diva who is willing to tackle any and all
questions posed by inquiring minds -- including such
oddities as that posed by Rohit regarding the ratio of cars through the
Holland tunnel in NYC to number of people in
Holland (i.e. the Netherlands)... which is archived at

Perhaps I need to come up with a new online moniker since my current one
is becoming somewhat overused ...
suggestions will be welcome!

I remain (for now),

John Boyer wrote:

  Dear Diva,
  I regret to inform you that you will soon be mercilessly driven out of
business. They are apparently doing this Diva
  stuff for free!

  My heartfelt condolences,

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