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From: Gregory Alan Bolcer (
Date: Fri Apr 14 2000 - 11:25:54 PDT

On a slightly different but related problem,

I just got back from the AIIM conference and I am seriously considering
an e-device holster.
I can only imagine adding a Rio and a Samsung to it to
make things complete.

 o Palm V - all my stuff
 o Palm V modem - had to have sync access
 o Palm V Travel kit - power plugs, sync cable
 o Palm VII - demong the presence & messaging
 o Nokia 6190 - I actually left this thinking I wouldn't need it because
      it was outside my PacBell range, but ended up needing to download
      the sync'd internal phone list from my computer at home, just so
      I could grab a number from it that wasn't on my Palm, laptop, or WAP phone.
 o Qualcomm/SprintPCS WAP phone - plus all the contacts, numbers, todo, memos
      not entered into it as it would have taken forever and all that stuff
      was on my Palm V and Netscape Communicator anyways (or so I thought).
 o Qualcomm/SprintPCS WAP Phone cables - sync to PC cable & wireless dialup modem
      cable for Palm or PC, recharge wall plug.
 o GameBoy Color + Pokemon Red & Blue, extra batteries, cross-over cable
 o Compaq Win98 laptop + power plugs + Network card(s), external mouse for demo

American is kind enough to put power jacks on both their seats
and in the terminal, considering the Compaq ultralight notebook only
has enough juice for a boot and a half, even with the extended battery plugged in.
Luckily all this crap fit nicely into my leather Dell bag (my Dell was
sitting back at my office because I needed a Win machine to demo
the Office 2000 clients and web folders working with the remote server.

I know it's early for Christmas this year, but here's what I want for
Easter. All this talk of Gnutella, Freenet, Napster, and now Munckins
makes me want a perfect world.

I want each of these devices to speak some combination of HTTP, Bluetooth,
fast IRDA, or even just traditional wireless while being able to go back and
find the device sitting next to it even if it has to go way out to the Net
and all the way back. In addition, I want each to be able to manage:

  1) Manage the power on each of the devices so that if I have to run or download/upload
     data, it uses the best possible power consumption & battery preservation thing
     automagically & negotiates it between devices, hands the tasks off as e-services
     to the other ones
  2) Manage the processing power of each device, share the memory of each device,
     smart cache the whole thing and local area handoff things as needed or
     inter-stream them as wanted.
  3) Remote control the simple functions and e-services of any of the other
     devices using the one that I am using at the moment.
  4) Steal or buy resources from any of the other gadget phreaks including
     power, processing, security, drivers, bandwidtch, shareable data, and
     anything else that can be commoditized.

Now that I think about it, I'd be ecstatic if they could all just
share the knowledge about changing time zones and common phone numbers.
Let's see fix just that.


Dan Kohn wrote:
> I travel all the time and, when the airplane seat has a power jack
> (supporting the absurdly overpriced cables from, I like
> to listen to plug in my Sony noise-canceling headphones
> <
> eadphones/mdr-nc10_specs.shtml> and listen to my MP3s.
> The issue is that if there is no power jack, the constant HD access runs
> through my laptop battery ridiculously fast. Given that I have 128 MB of
> RAM, it seems like the player should be able to load the full song into RAM
> and then not spin up the HD again until it needs to load the next song. I'm
> currently running Winamp 2.61 on W2K.
> Any advice on workarounds or alternate players would be greatly appreciated.
> I considered bringing along a RIO, but like having access to my full MP3
> collection.
> - dan
> --
> Daniel Kohn <>
> tel:+1-425-602-6222 fax:+1-425-602-6223

Greg Bolcer
work: 714.505.4970
cell: 714.928.5476
fax: 603.994.0516

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