Re: MP3 player that loads files into RAM

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From: Karl Anderson (
Date: Fri Apr 14 2000 - 13:38:06 PDT

Dan Kohn <> writes:

> The issue is that if there is no power jack, the constant HD access runs
> through my laptop battery ridiculously fast. Given that I have 128 MB of
> RAM, it seems like the player should be able to load the full song into RAM
> and then not spin up the HD again until it needs to load the next song. I'm
> currently running Winamp 2.61 on W2K.

You don't want me to tell you to run linux and cycle the files thru a
ramdisk, do you? Don't the windows players have a buffer option?
I use x11amp & mpg123 on linux, & use a 2-4K buffer to avoid warbles
on one box with a cheap video card, but I just noticed that mpg123
breaks at about 64K.

Karl Anderson 

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