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Date: Sun Apr 16 2000 - 22:21:45 PDT

kragen wrote:

> I am reading Ian Clarke's report on Freenet now; I will post a followup
> with what I learn. It may turn out that I will need to post corrections.


- how computationally expensive is it to add new information - is it in any
  way feasible to 'remove' information (is it really a member
  of the Eternity class of systems). Since unaccessed info can disappear,
  I suspect it may not be.

- anonymous posting is possible, but can we verify the integrity of each
  message (what we are seeing is what was actually posted?).

- `Covering' mechanisms like PGP signatures bust the `anonymous'
  nature of the service since these signatures can be tracked via
  their vettors.

I think these are examined in the chap's Ph.d thesis; however, I'm am
yet to read it...


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