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From: Karl Anderson (
Date: Mon Apr 17 2000 - 12:55:16 PDT

Eugene Leitl <> writes:

> I'm looking for a _working_ intelligent, learning mail filter, ideally
> using neuronal nets.

Neural nets on what input?

> I want to create a special account, and sign it up to a large number
> of mailing lists/usenet newsfroups, yet still keep the volume
> manageable, and S/N tolerable.

I get fair results using gnus for usenet & mail. It's a user agent, I
could see it as a good user end of the chain.

For example, I wait until rec.bicycles.soc collects 400 articles, read
five to ten of them, and dump the rest. Pretty simple - seed it by
scoring regexps in the subject line (can search the body, but that's
slow), then it scores authors, subjects (or whatever you want to hack)
by your actions - read, kill thread, delete, catchup. So I end up not
reading people who've tended to get sucked into arguments, and I never
read a thread that I don't like twice, unless there's a good author in
there, & authors who contribute to threads that I kill get scored down
unless they also contribute to threads that I read.

Needs shared input a la Grouplens, tho, but that needs to be
user-agent neutral, & somewhat medium neutral.

Karl Anderson 

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