Mozquito commits itself to the implementation of W3C's XForms

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From: Sally Khudairi (
Date: Tue Apr 18 2000 - 07:47:09 PDT

For Immediate Release:

Mozquito commits itself to the implementation of W3C's new XForms specification


Josef Dietl
Stack Overflow AG
+49.89.767.363.78 - 04/18/2000 - Stack Overflow, the company
specializing in enabling interactivity on the Web, applauds the W3C on the
First Public Working Draft of the specification "XForms 1.0: Data Model"
with a commitment to implement XForms. Sebastian Schnitzenbaumer, CEO of
Stack Overflow and co-editor of the document: "XForms is the missing link
to Web interactivity. We will strive to enable the immediate use of XForms
with Mozquito Technology."

Forms were introduced into HTML in 1993. Since then they have become a
critical part of the Web. The Web has changed, and the publication of the
XForms Working Draft is the first step in adapting better forms to the new
Web environment. Schnitzenbaumer adds: "The purpose of XForms is to merge
XML-based back-end solutions with the ubiquity and simplicity of HTML."
Based on XML, XForms is also a significant step towards Mozquito's
cross-device strategy.

The tight integration of XForms with XHTML makes it easy to implement
XForms in Stack Overflow's flagship product, the Mozquito Factory. Through
XForms, Mozquito users will immediately be able to create applications for
editing XML information directly in the browser.

About Stack Overflow AG
Stack Overflow's mission is to empower Web forms in order to simplify the
development and increase the intelligence of interactive Web applications.
Their flagship product - the Mozquito Factory - is the world's first
XML-based XHTML authoring tool, enabling developers to use tomorrow's Web
technologies with today's browsers. Stack Overflow's commitment to
advancing Web technologies and open standards is highlighted by their
membership in and active contribution to the World Wide Web Consortium.

More information about Stack Overflow and Mozquito can be found at


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