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From: Jim Whitehead (ejw@ics.uci.edu)
Date: Tue Apr 18 2000 - 11:00:10 PDT

Putting the noise back into signal/noise, here's the KUCI Top 40 for this

- Jim

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***KUCI TOP 30*** for week ending April 16, 2000

1. v/a "No Categories 3" (Ubiquity)
2. The Anniversary "Designing a Nervous Breakdown" (H&V/Vagrant)
3. Kreidler "Weekend" (Mute)
4. Braid "Movie Music" (Polyvinyl)
5. v/a "OM Lounge 3" (OM)
6. Ronny Jordan "A Brighter Day" (Blue Note)
7. v/a "After Hours Volume 6" (Instinct)
8. Bald Rapunzel "Diazepam (Dischord/Resin)
9. Soul Reaper "Written in Blood" (Nuclear Blast)
10. The Reverend Horton Heat "Spend A Night In The Box" (Time Bomb)
11. Do Make Say Think "Goodbye Enemy Airship..." (Constellation)
12. The The "Naked Self" (Nothing/Interscope)
13. The Blacks "Just Like Home" (Bloodshot)
14. Randy Weeks "Madeline" (High Tone)
15. I:cube "Adore" (Versatile)
16. m.i.j. "The Radio Goodnight" (Caulfield)
17. Enon "Believo!" (See Thru)
18. Ramsay Midwood "Shoot Out at the OK..." (Glitterhouse)
19. Sentenced "Crimson" (Century Media)
20. Lock Up "Pleasures Pave Sewers" (Nuclear Blast)
21. Lockgrove "Sleeping on the Elephant Fog" (Krave)
22. Luke Vibert "Stop the Panic" (Astralwerks)
23. Monkeywrench "Electric Children" (Estrus)
24. LTJ Bukem "Journey Inwards" (Good Looking)
25. Two Ton Boa "s/t" (Kill Rock Stars)
26. Grey Area "Fanbelt Algebra" (Victory)
27. Ween "White Pepper" (Elektra)
28. Fireballs of Freedom "Total Fucking Blowout" (Estrus)
29. v/a "Tribute to the Cocteau Twins" (Cleopatra)
30. Cupcakes "s/t" (DreamWorks)

**ADDS** for week beginning April 17, 2000

1. Reggie and the Full Effect "Promotional Copy" (H&V/Vagrant)
2. Boy Sets Fire "After The Eulogy" (Victory)
3. Groovie Ghoulies "Travels With My Amp" (Lookout!)
4. Nash Kato "Debutante" (Will)
5. Broadcast "The Noise Made By People" (Tommy Boy)

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