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From: Strata Rose Chalup (
Date: Tue Apr 18 2000 - 12:42:11 PDT

[on another list, someone wrote:]
| LONDON -- Scientists in Scotland said on Wednesday they have
| come up with a novel method of reducing global warming.
| By adding a bacteria supplement to feed for farm animals such as
| sheep and cattle, they said it was possible to cut the amount of
| methane, a major greenhouse gas, the animals produce when they
| break wind.

>Full story:

The story says that "...if the method is incorporated on a worldwide
scale, [pet scientist] estimates it could reduce methane output by about
six percent."

HELLOOO??!?!? Anyone home?!?!?!

So transgenic strawberries that resist frost via a fish gene are BAD,
SCARY, might cause ENVIRONMENTAL DAMAGE, but changing the fundamental
digestion mechanism for every domesticated ruminant on the planet is

What the hell are these people using for brains?? Chopped tofu?!?!!!

My jaw is still in drop-reflex and it's been five minutes since I read
the article. An ecology website is carrying a favorable story about a
way to potentially FUCK UP a system that we still don't fundamentally
understand in exchange for a POSSIBLE **SIX PERCENT** return?

Man, it's gotta be push-my-button day. I'm usually WAY more coherent
and less gratuitously capitalized than this.


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