Collab.Net Grants Open Source Developer's Wishes Through SourceXchange

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From: Sally Khudairi (
Date: Wed Apr 19 2000 - 08:35:00 PDT


Contact: Jacki DeCoster
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O'Reilly & Associates and Collab.Net Team to Sponsor First "Wish" Project

SAN FRANCISCO -- April 19, 2000 -- Collab.Net, a leading provider of
collaborative services for emerging open source software markets, today
announced the newest program on its sourceXchange marketplace - a "wish
granting" project for open source developers.

Collab.Net's sourceXchange marketplace is the premier B2B exchange for
financing and managing open source software development over the
Internet. One of the founding visions of sourceXchange was to ensure the
continual creation of tools that support the open source development
process. Collab.Net is launching three specific initiatives on
sourceXchange to meet this objective: sponsoring our own RFPs (Request For
Proposals), regularly funding wishes from the sourceXchange community and
providing an opportinity for our partners and sponsors to fund RFPs from
the wish list.

Collab.Net is currently sponsoring two projects on sourceXchange. The
first project is an application that will allow users to view Web-based
mailing list archives. The second project is a system for helping
developers to assess the complexity of source code based on standard
metrics. Both projects are under development and will be available under
open source licences.

Developers with ideas for open source projects can go to sourceXchange and
post them under the Wishes Section. Periodically, Collab.Net will review
the list and picks several projects that it is interested in
sponsoring. RFPs are created by the sourceXchange community and the
project is developed though the normal sourceXchange model.

At the O'Reilly Conference on Java in Santa Clara, CA, attendees were given
the opportunity to submit an RFP for a Java application to be sponsored by
O'Reilly & Associates on Collab.Net's sourceXchange marketplace. The
winning project, "E-Commerce Components," was submitted by Chris O'Neill
and chosen by a panel of industry leaders as the technology to be
developed. The panel included: Bill Day, Technology Evangelist at Sun
Microsystems; Jason Hunter, CTO of K&A Software and author of the book Java
Servlet Programming; and Anne Thomas Manes, Director of Business Strategy
for Sun Software and formerly with Patricia Seybold Group.

The E-Commerce Components project will consist of a group of servlets,
which provide the tools needed to accept secure credit card transactions
over the Internet. These include: real-time authorization, voids, returns,
settlement and other payment management capabilities. Since the E-Commerce
Component project is being created under the sourceXchange model, it will
be distributed under an open source license, ensuring open access to the
resulting code. Java and open source developers will then be able to
include this code in their own software applications, as well as have the
option of extending and modifying the components to meet their particular
e-commerce needs.

"As part of our ongoing support of open source development, we're excited
to be sponsoring this project with Collab.Net," said Tim O'Reilly, CEO and
founder O'Reilly & Associates. "Bringing the sourceXchange process to the
O'Reilly Conference on Java gave the attendees a unique real-time
opportunity to submit ideas and see the winning project, E-Commerce
Components, get immediate funding. It's a dramatic example of how
sourceXchange has extended the open source model and made it possible for
more users to get in the development loop."

"Making selections from the sourceXchange Wish Program and finding
corporate sponsors for them is something Collab.Net has wanted to do since
we launched the site," said Brian Behlendorf, co-founder and CTO of
Collab.Net. "We know that many of the best ideas for high-value open
source tools come directly from our developer community and we look forward
to helping developers turn these ideas into useful software. The
E-Commerce Component project will allow the world-wide Java and open source
development communities to have full access to the source code for the
critical e-commerce components needed to conduct secure Internet transactions."

About Collab.Net
Collab.Net is a leader in creating new open source markets by combining
open source community expertise with business excellence. By utilizing the
essential collaborative processes of the open source community, Collab.Net
supplies customers with products and services that facilitate
well-organized, open source development. Collab.Net provides a developer
marketplace, hosting services with development lifecycle management
capabilities and professional services to facilitate collaborative, open
source software development among a worldwide community of
developers. Customers using Collab.Net open source services include ASP
and Internet firms, hardware and software providers, as well as companies
from industries such as marketing and publishing. Collab.Net was founded
in July 1999 by Brian Behlendorf, co-founder of the Apache Software
Foundation, and O'Reilly & Associates. For more information, see

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