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From: Adam Rifkin -4K (
Date: Thu Apr 20 2000 - 16:37:27 PDT

Mikki pointed to:
> >

I think this officially qualifies as the longest time between a post on
FoRK and someone commenting on it. Darn FoRK has been around a long time.

Also, this is one of the only times Rohit actually went back and changed
a past post on FoRK, to include this new information. So much for Ron
Resnick's old point that FoRK posts are pickled in time, immutable for
all time. They're only immutable for some values of "all". :)

Then Mikki wrote:
> >I noticed you have a copy of my and Victoria's article "A Girl's Guide to
> >Geek Guys" up on your website..... it's fine--At this point I have given up
> >on trying to deal with the republishing! but I would like to ask you to
> >please put a sentence or something somewhere that mentions I now
> >have a book out based on the article. It's called The Geek Handbook.
> >You can link to the
> >Amazon page for the book, or to the book website
> > I can also send you a little gif of
> >the logo if you like.

This is so cool. Mikki, you rule. If even one geek in the world was
able to find a mate thanks to your book, you've made the world a better
place. And if more than one geek was able to find a mate, you've
ensured our survival as a race for at least one more generation.

When the book actually does get published (May 2000), I'm buying one.
This is the biggest must-have book for "The Geek Bookshelf" since Mr.
Bunny published his guides to ActiveX and Java:

Rohit wrote:
> Looking forward to reading a copy. Hey, adam, go buy this :-)

With all that disposable income my boss is paying me, I should buy ten
copies. *wink*

Also, I fixed the URL you gave us, Rohit:

No wonder we haven't gotten any referral fees lately. Here I was
thinking Jeff "Gigglyhead" Bezos was cheating us out of those affiliate
fees he worked so hard to patent... when in reality we've just been
getting the URLs wrong.


This book may save your relationship. Better yet, it may help you get in touch with your own inner geek. -- Eric S. Raymond on _The Geek Handbook_ by Mikki Halpin

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