Re: [Standard] Dr. Dre goes medieval on Napster

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From: Adam Rifkin -4K (
Date: Fri Apr 21 2000 - 15:02:24 PDT

Tom wrote:
> Napster's central server tech is its death, pure and simple.

So what the heck are they doing looking for a VP of Biz Dev???

Clearly they are planning for the longterm. They got NINE MILLION users
in SIX MONTHS. This has gotta be the fastest rampup in history.

> Read the specs on the protocol, lots of gnutella is http:)

They use a "mini HTTP" protocol for downloading files from a server, but
they don't use HTTP for anything else. Imagine the possibilities if
they had used a MAGI server or a full HTTP+DAV server on every desktop
instead: worldwide distributed filesystem, baby. [Insert random bitter
Beberg comment about distributed filesystems here. :]

Gnutella could really use a chat system too. It's really lame that
people have to talk with each other using search queries.

While I'm making requests, I'm still waiting for the Gnutella/Freenet
gateway. And, what the heck, let it interface with too...
let's really blow our brains out.


Would I be a good messiah with my low self esteem? If I don't believe in myself is that blasphemy? -- Bloodhound Gang, "Hell Yeah"

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