RE: Woodpeckers!

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From: Dan Kohn (
Date: Mon Apr 24 2000 - 09:20:53 PDT

If you search Google <> for "woodpecker" you get this article:

As you can probably tell from reading it, I know nothing about woodpeckers.
However, if you instead search Google for "woodpecker damage", you will find
a whole slew of relevant articles, including

Moral 1: Use Google, rather than whatever search engine gave you my name.

Moral 2: First, read everything you can find on the web, and then only
bother real people if you can't find your answer.

Moral 3: If you absolutely must bother a real person, please email someone
who is a subject matter expert in the relevant area (i.e., almost
necessarily not me).

Good luck with the woodpeckers and remember (as I just read), killing them
is a federal offense.

                - dan

Daniel Kohn <>
tel:+1-425-602-6222  fax:+1-425-602-6223

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We are having problems with Flickers making large holes in our house. It has synthetic stucco like siding. Caught your name on the internet. Do you have a solution?

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