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From: Joseph Reagle (
Date: Tue Apr 25 2000 - 07:35:03 PDT

At 09:04 AM 4/24/2000 -0700, Dan Kohn wrote:
>Can you recommend an XML editor that has (preferably) 3 modes: source,
>table/tree, and something close to fill-in-the-form WYSIWYG? XMetaL seems
>like the best bet from <>, but I wanted
>to check before shelling out $150.
I've been using XMetal. It is nice but pricey, and I'm a little
uncomfortable that it is so dependent on IE, but nice regardless.

>Also, is anyone working on XSL for the rfc2629.dtd? It seems like the
>perfect application for XSL.
Presently I'm editing specs that are published as W3C TRs AND ietf-drafts. A
real pain. XML strikes me as a potential solution (presently I run the html
through a perl script that lynxes it and adds headers/footers). On the XML
front, RFC2629 [1] is quite different from the XML DTD [2]. Also, RFC2629
leaves you hanging with respect to the HTML version. If I ever have the
time, I want to play with XSL (which XMetal supports) and see if I can't
come up with something that does the job of XML -> ietf-draft and W3C TR.
I'm not sure XSL could do the header/footers though (something I'll find out
in playing).

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