[CNET] Only 3% of eBay's profits come from operations

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From: Adam Rifkin -4K (adam@XeNT.ics.uci.edu)
Date: Thu Apr 27 2000 - 00:34:06 PDT

The following was snipped from


> According to [eBay's quarterly earnings] report, the bulk of eBay's
> revenues came from "interest and other income," rather than from its
> actual operations. eBay's net income from operations was $452,000,
> compared with the $10.4 million the company earned on interest and
> investments.
> For the year-ago period, eBay's net income from operations was $7.7
> million, and its income from interest and investments was only $275,000.

This is an increasing trend for dot-com's that actually have cash: make
money from interest collected on cash sitting in the bank. A good chunk
of eBay's and Yahoo's earnings come from "interest and other income".

Or, if you look at Akamai's latest quarterly statement, you'll notice
that *half* their revenues this quarter were interest income earned on
money sitting in the bank they raised from their IPO.

The higher interest rates go, the better these dot-com companies with
cash will do, if this trend continues. Keep raising those interest
rates, Mr. Greenspan, you're letting the cash-rich get cash-richer...


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