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Date: Thu Apr 27 2000 - 10:07:36 PDT

> From: Greg Bolcer <>

> My faith in Altavista has been shattered. I put in the
> search for a UCI tech report +"Dynamic, Invisible, and on the Web"
> which returns no documents containing that exact phrase.
> Some random searches such as:
> +"Process Technology" +Nancy France +Taylor
> returns
> which contains the exact text of:
> R. N. Taylor: Dynamic, Invisible, and on the Web . Technical report, UCI, 1997,
Either 1) you missed it, 2) they heard you and added it later :P 3) or
altavista likes me better.

It's the last entry in my search when I cut'n'paste your string into
av. I still find things much better, faster with av, rather than
google. And, besides, I never "feel lucky."


ps. that websim work is rather interesting. We had Scott Guthery visit
UM for our smartcards class here a few weeks ago to talk about it.

is CITI's related work.

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