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Date: Fri Apr 28 2000 - 04:16:34 PDT

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<<WASHINGTON -- She may have missed most primaries but she'll
likely win the youth vote. Mattel Inc. has teamed up with The
White House Project, a nonprofit, nonpartisan group that
promotes women candidates, to produce a "Barbie for President"
doll slated to hit shelves on May 1.

Her accessories include a slinky red dress with matching shoes.
She comes packaged in a red, white and blue box with a disclaimer
at the bottom that reads, "Podium not included. Doll cannot
stand alone." >>

That's the 2004 model. The 2000 model is running for senate. Her political
opponent, Ken, comes pre-diagnosed with prostate cancer.

(Little-known fact: Hillary Clinton collects vintage Barbies.) (The SNL
re-run last night featured a commercial for Gansta Bitch Barbie and Thug


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