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From: Dave Long (
Date: Fri Apr 28 2000 - 12:25:25 PDT

> "The chairman basically told everyone that we don't need Venetian-blind
> effects or fancy backdrops. All we need is the information," says one
> senior Defense Department official.

I used to think the preface and epilogue of the Code of Hammurabi
were a bit lengthy, but in L. W. King's translation, they only
account for about a fifth of the document. What's the ratio of
data to information in a typical pahrpoint deck?


Jane Jacob's thesis in _Systems of Survival_ is that there are two
necessary, but conflicting, ethical systems, and that very little
good arises from trying to combine the two. She'd probably view
this story as an example of a commercial tool misapplied in a
guardian organization.

Commercial Moral Syndrome
Shun force, come to voluntary agreements, be honest, collaborate
easily with strangers and aliens, compete, respect contracts, use
initiative and enterprise, be open to inventiveness and novelty, be
efficient, promote comfort and convenience, dissent for the sake of
the task, invest for productive purposes, be industrious, be
thrifty, be optimistic

Guardian Moral Syndrome
Shun trading, exert prowess, be obedient and disciplined, adhere to
tradition, respect heirarchy, be loyal, take vengeance, deceive for
the sake of the task, make rich use of leisure, be ostentatious,
dispense largesse, be exclusive, show fortitude, be fatalistic,
treasure honor

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