The MP3 ruling

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From: Tom Sweetnam (
Date: Sat Apr 29 2000 - 07:16:55 PDT

Has anyone else ever noticed that the same people who run other aspects of
the entertainment industry (like movie & video distribution for instance),
are the only business entities in this nation whose products carry the FBI
logo, along with an intimidating threat that is supposed to lead consumers
into believing that "illegal" copying will be dealt with directly and
forcefully by our shoot-first-ask-questions-later federal police agency?

Forget about breaking up Microsoft. Let's investigate the unholy marriage of
the entertainment industry with our federal government, especially under the
Clinton administration. Would Bill Gates ever adopt the sleazy Hollywood/New
York tack of pasting his products with FBI logos, suggesting that anyone who
dares copy his software might fall under the scrutiny of FBI strong-arming?
I think not. Bill Gates still suffers the constraint of morality and ethics,
foreign concepts to the sleazeballs who run the entertainment industry in
this country.

So a New York judge has found in favor of an industry almost completely
controlled by New York corporate interests, run with an ethic of
unconscionable greed. What a surprise huh? This battle isn't over yet. I
don't expect MP3 to roll over and play dead. In the meantime, since I'm only
a few miles from El Paso, I think I'll drive down today and pick up a
hundred or so of my favorite pirate music CDs.

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