VATICAN Commission Uncovers True Identity of Juan Diego

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Date: Sat Apr 29 2000 - 15:52:18 PDT

                   From the Desk of
                   Monsignor Jose Luis Guerrero Rosado

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Dear friend of Our Lady of Guadalupe,

I have worked for many years at the request of the
Holy See on the Commission studying the cause for
sainthood of Blessed Juan Diego, the seer of the
Virgin of Guadalupe.

The Commission has made some startling discoveries
about the true identity of Juan Diego. He is so much
more than the humble Indian we thought him to be.

His name was Cuauhtlatoatzin.

He was a royal prince, a fearless military general, a
philosopher, a poet and had several wives, as was the
custom of his people in 16th Century Mexico. He gave
all this up to become a Christian and an ambassador of
Christ not only for the Mexican peoples, but for the
whole world.

It is my opinion that Juan Diego will soon become
known as one of the greatest saints in the history of
the Church. He will be recognized as something of a
Patriarch, along the line of Abraham and Moses. It is
significant that God should reveal him to us in this
way, now, as we enter the Third Millennium.

Juan Diego’s whole story is now revealed in a book
called PRINCE OF EDEN, by Dr. Christine Jones, soon
also to be made into a major motion picture. The book
includes an Afterword by me and the two other priests
working with me on the Commission.

A new website contains much of this information about
Juan Diego, the book, the film and a documentary video
on the making of the film.

Please support this important apostolate by visiting
the website and help bring the whole story of Juan
Diego and the message of the Virgin of Guadalupe to
the world:

Thank you for supporting this cause,

     Msgr. Jose Luis Guerrero Rosado


Get a free holy card of Our Lady of Guadalupe with a
novena to Her, and pray with us:

The making of the film, PRINCE OF EDEN:

The whole story of JUAN DIEGO:

Secrets of the TILMA:

How to get the book and documentary video:


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